Cafe Hopper Review: (UN) Fashion Cafe@Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok

My body was certainly feeling rather tired today. However, still I picked up myself to embark on today’s cafe hopping venture. I must say that I had quite a walk from my hotel to Ekkamai Soi 10 and the weather was simply unbearably hot. I finally reached Ekkamai Soi 10 and found Bluedoor Cafe. Unfortunately the cafe opens only at 11:30am. Ekkamai Soi 10 is a pretty interesting spot with shops selling vintage fashion. While waiting for Bluedoor to open, I took a stroll around the area and guess what, I found another cafe just directly opposite Bluedoor. This is really an interesting cafe because the cafe is one with personality and character. From the outside, the cafe looks like an old, rusty caravan but the inside is far from being a rusty piece of metal. It has a country theme in decor and I love every tiny corner of the cafe. There is a second floor to the cafe but I was too tired to go up for a look.

I ordered an ice latte and some scone. Nothing really fantastic about the food but the ambience of the cafe already mesmerised me so much that it doesn’t matter what they serve. One thing to note is that they make those pastries on their own and I guess that add to the special things about this cafe. Just besides the cafe is a little vintage shop selling vintage fashion.

Overall experience for this cafe, real good one. I love the country theme and its nice just sitting there and listening to all those old country songs, including You are My Sunshine! If you are too tired of walking, you may wish to take a cab here, especially when the weather can be really hot.

The gatekeeper







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