Cafe Hopper Review: Bluedoor Cafe and Bookshop@Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok

Was looking forward to visit this cafe since the start of my journey here! Decided to make this my last cafe for the trip and it certainly did not let me down! The cafe in its simplicity has developed it’s own personality and character! From the exterior decor to the interior, the cafe emits a strong sense of local flavor and at the same time not loosing its uniqueness among all the cafés I have visited so far! I couldn’t stop taking photos of little corners of the cafe to give me reader a sense of its artistic flair! This cafe and (UN)Fashion Cafe, just right opposite each other, is certainly comparable and both have a strong personality in doing cafés! I am so glad that they are within the same Soi so that I didn’t have to travel too far to meet one another!

The food that the cafe serve is pretty much local delights. I ordered Krap Bao with chicken meat! This is a very common dish among the Thais! They basically can eat this for breakfast, lunch and dinner! I also ordered the Thai ice milk tea! The milk tea is refreshing but again it’s too sweet for me! Another thing I like about the cafe is that it is a good blend of bookshop and cafés! I have not seen anything like this in Singapore and I certainly hope that we will have one soon in the bear future!

My overall experience with Bluedoor is that it is definitely worth the walk from Thonglor to Ekkamai despite me not feeling well! Especially when I got two cafés for a treat! With Bluedoor marks the end of my cafés tour in Bangkok! The very last cafe that I visited for the trip is actually this stand-alone Starbucks just opposite my hotel! It is simply too tempting not to pay a visit! There aren’t many stand-alone Starbucks in Singapore so I thought this is worth the go!

The gatekeeper 20140321-122853.jpg




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