Cafe Hopper Review: Forty Hands Cafe @ Yong Siak Street

This cafe didn’t really catch my attention when I was there at Yong Siak Street! In fact, I hesitated going into the cafe! I thought that it would be very small and probably too cramp to be comfortable! I was right to a certain extend, however, I managed to find myself a corner in the cafe which is pretty comfortable and sat there for a while before moving on! I ordered their cold drip coffee and I must truly say that the coffee is strong and good! It’s strong but yet it doesn’t have that sourish after taste of coffee! It was refreshing and more so when the drip coffee is served with ice!

For food, I asked for the Ang Mo Classic and … Well…. Didn’t really find it fantastically nice! It tastes rather like our local roti john but with Ang Mo sausage in between the bun! Clothes with cheese and tomato sauce…so it tastes like roti john!

The cafe has a back alley kind of decor with graffiti and some cartoon drawing on the wall! Not that bad for a tiny cafe like this! Actually they are not as tiny, cos there is another stretch of seats at the back of the cafe but it’s non air-con! Most people would definitely prefer to be at the aircon… Unless you are a smoker!

My overall experience here is pretty pleasant and it certainly is good as a quick chat out place. Definitely not going to sit here for too long!

The Gatekeeper





Cafe Hopper Review: Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Yong Siak Street

I struggled to come to this street! It has recently become a popular haunt in Singapore because of the springing of a number of cafés and personality bookshops here. I struggled because Tiong Bahru is just simply too far away for me! However I finally made it cos I had some time to spare before heading to the airport to meet up with a Singaporean missionary coming back from Korat and an Ajan from Korat as well! I reckon since I had sometime to spare, why not just hang around in this area! Also, I wanted to look at BooksActually along the same street to hunt for some local literature!

I walked my way down to the end of the street and Plain Vanilla certainly caught my eyes! Actually, I hesitated going into the cafe as the sitting area is not air-conditioned! But still, the woody decor of the cafe allured me to stay on and eventually I ordered two cupcakes and a latte. The cupcakes were too sweet for me and I stupidly have to remove the icing from the cupcakes! However I must say that the texture of the cupcakes is good and I enjoyed munching the sponge! Cafe was a so-so to me! All these the owner seems to have make up with it’s very unique decor and I really love the woody feel of the place!

The staff was very polite and patiently introduced to me some of their signature cupcakes! I took the salted caramel and the red velvet! Why? Actually took them cos I thought they will look nice in my photo! Anyway, my overall experience here is that it makes a very good chill out place on a lazy weekday afternoon! Good to be here! 20140429-231048.jpg




Cafe Hopper Review: November 8 Cafe @ Upper Thomson Road

Heard quite a lot from a few friends about this cafe and have been wanting to find time to visit this new kid on the block! Decided to bring Toffee, my pure breed poodle, for grooming and yea…found the time to visit Nov 8 while waiting for her to be done! I was quite a tricky find as the cafe is not exactly that prominent. It’s really hidden behind some corner of a hidden lift lobby! Thank God I managed to find it with guidance from a friend! When I stepped into the cafe, I knew that I would love it here! I like the spaciousness and the simple, modern, design of the cafe! Especially the retro cane chairs at one corner of the cafe… They really are nostalgic and give the place a little vintage taste!

I ordered the Japanese pizza and the crusts of the pizza is really cool and crisply! I love the taste of it but just a bit too full to really enjoy it! The coffee is nice! It’s smooth and doesn’t have the after taste. However, the coffee bean is not as fragrant as I would think it to be! The staff are very friendly and welcoming in general! Trust me, you can just sit here whole day and feel
So at home here!

My friend joined me half way through! Hahaha… She jumped into a cab and reached here in 15 mins! Great lunch time and great time chatting! This place is certainly a great hideout place for cafe lovers! Love the experience here!!!

The gatekeeper





Cafe Hopper feeling extremely tired!

Since the early morning, I have been feeling extremely tired and sleepy. To be honest, I slept quite a fair bit over the weekend but still I am feeling to lethargic. This is the time I wish I am in some cafe corner of Bangkok…ok…maybe Singapore will do. I haven’t got the time to explore some of the latest cafe haunts in Singapore. I guess it’s because every time when I am back at home, I am always busy with work and other matters. Only when I am back in my ‘hometown’….ermmmm….I mean Bangkok, that I have the time to move from cafe to cafe and hop from one corner to another corner. Perhaps I must find sometime to really explore the cafe scene in Singapore and write about them soon.

Anyway, putting this entry is just my way of distracting myself from my lethargy. I hope it works ….

Till next time with more cafes to recommend my faithful followers and readers….

The Gatekeeper

Cafe Hopper Review: Shrove Tuesday @ Toa Payoh

This is a recommendation by a friend of mine! Few of us have not met for a long time so we decided to make Shrove Tuesday our meeting place that evening! When we arrived at the cafe, I was surprised to find this very cosy corner right in the heart of a quiet neighborhood! If not because of my friend’s recommendation, I wouldn’t know that the cafe exists in this corner of Singapore!

The name of the cafe is very interesting and if you wish to know about it before going to the cafe you can google the background behind the name! If not, they have it on their wall! Shrove Tuesday is more of a dessert place than a cafe but they do serve pretty nice coffee as well. I ordered my usual latte and interestingly the latte is smooth and the after taste is great! Pricing is quite reasonable here and I should say good for a neighborhood pricing. You must certainly try their waffles and ice cream! They are quite compatible to some of the big names in ice cream parlour!

Besides the food and drinks, Shrove Tuesday is a nice place to chill out with friends! The homely environment makes the place very welcoming and cosy! I really like some of the patterned table top that they have there! Do find some time to visit this cafe and I am sure for a one month plus old cafe, it has a lot of potential.