Cafe Hopper Review: Shrove Tuesday @ Toa Payoh

This is a recommendation by a friend of mine! Few of us have not met for a long time so we decided to make Shrove Tuesday our meeting place that evening! When we arrived at the cafe, I was surprised to find this very cosy corner right in the heart of a quiet neighborhood! If not because of my friend’s recommendation, I wouldn’t know that the cafe exists in this corner of Singapore!

The name of the cafe is very interesting and if you wish to know about it before going to the cafe you can google the background behind the name! If not, they have it on their wall! Shrove Tuesday is more of a dessert place than a cafe but they do serve pretty nice coffee as well. I ordered my usual latte and interestingly the latte is smooth and the after taste is great! Pricing is quite reasonable here and I should say good for a neighborhood pricing. You must certainly try their waffles and ice cream! They are quite compatible to some of the big names in ice cream parlour!

Besides the food and drinks, Shrove Tuesday is a nice place to chill out with friends! The homely environment makes the place very welcoming and cosy! I really like some of the patterned table top that they have there! Do find some time to visit this cafe and I am sure for a one month plus old cafe, it has a lot of potential.





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