Cafe Hopper feeling extremely tired!

Since the early morning, I have been feeling extremely tired and sleepy. To be honest, I slept quite a fair bit over the weekend but still I am feeling to lethargic. This is the time I wish I am in some cafe corner of Bangkok…ok…maybe Singapore will do. I haven’t got the time to explore some of the latest cafe haunts in Singapore. I guess it’s because every time when I am back at home, I am always busy with work and other matters. Only when I am back in my ‘hometown’….ermmmm….I mean Bangkok, that I have the time to move from cafe to cafe and hop from one corner to another corner. Perhaps I must find sometime to really explore the cafe scene in Singapore and write about them soon.

Anyway, putting this entry is just my way of distracting myself from my lethargy. I hope it works ….

Till next time with more cafes to recommend my faithful followers and readers….

The Gatekeeper

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