Cafe Hopper Review: Plain Vanilla Bakery @ Yong Siak Street

I struggled to come to this street! It has recently become a popular haunt in Singapore because of the springing of a number of cafés and personality bookshops here. I struggled because Tiong Bahru is just simply too far away for me! However I finally made it cos I had some time to spare before heading to the airport to meet up with a Singaporean missionary coming back from Korat and an Ajan from Korat as well! I reckon since I had sometime to spare, why not just hang around in this area! Also, I wanted to look at BooksActually along the same street to hunt for some local literature!

I walked my way down to the end of the street and Plain Vanilla certainly caught my eyes! Actually, I hesitated going into the cafe as the sitting area is not air-conditioned! But still, the woody decor of the cafe allured me to stay on and eventually I ordered two cupcakes and a latte. The cupcakes were too sweet for me and I stupidly have to remove the icing from the cupcakes! However I must say that the texture of the cupcakes is good and I enjoyed munching the sponge! Cafe was a so-so to me! All these the owner seems to have make up with it’s very unique decor and I really love the woody feel of the place!

The staff was very polite and patiently introduced to me some of their signature cupcakes! I took the salted caramel and the red velvet! Why? Actually took them cos I thought they will look nice in my photo! Anyway, my overall experience here is that it makes a very good chill out place on a lazy weekday afternoon! Good to be here! 20140429-231048.jpg




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