Cafe Hopper Review: Yahava KoffeeWorks Sg @ Upper Thomson

This cafe was a surprised discovery upon recommendation by a good brother. Knowing this brother of mine, he is not exactly a cafe person. All he told me about this cafe is that it is very atas (high class in Singlish). Since he recommended so we decided to take a look at this Yahava Cafe. I didn’t have too much of expectation about this cafe but when I arrived at the site, I was totally wrong. The smell of the coffee beans in the cafe already signalled to me that this cafe is serious about their beans! There is like a whole buffet of beans to choose from: from Sumatra to Java to some Hawaiian mix. It took me a while to decide what to order. Basically you can choose the beans you want to turn them into your latte or mocha or any kind of cuppa. I think this is really cool.

I was also delighted to see that they serve pecan pie, which I have not seen for a long time since the heyday of Olio Dome Cafe at Wheelocks Place…come on, am I the only one that identify with this? Don’t you look at me like that! Ok, fine I am reaching my 40s! The only ‘dark side’ about this is that they don’t really warm up the pie for you. However, still the pie tasted pretty well.

When I stepped into the cafe, I noticed a number of huge woody tables. I really love the woody feel and there is a big world map as wallpaper. I must say that all these certainly have make appeal to an anthropology major like myself. Well, my overall experience with this cafe is that you must come and take a look for yourself. It may not have the hype like he other cafes in Tiong Bahru or Middle Road, but it certainly has it’s own niche in this coffee world. I will say this is a great find! I pray to Almighty God that more of such cafe will spring up in Singapore….and of course…lower cost of operation so that people can be more creative to design their cafes.

The Gatekeeper!20140503-104033.jpg20140503-104055.jpg20140503-104117.jpg


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