Cafe Hopper Review: The Book Cafe @ Martin Road

I wanted to hit another cafe at Martin Road initially, however the cab brought me to another along the same road. I arrived at The Book Cafe along Martin Road and it wasn’t quite what I was expected. I was hoping to find a cafe more classical and woody in nature. When I stepped into the cafe, it has a very modern outlook and I was straightaway taken by a big blackboard of items they are selling in the cafe. There was also quite a crowd in the cafe. Thank God that I was able to find one cosy corner to quietly read and quietly do my blogging. The beauty of this place is that there’s like so many cosy corners that you can territorized!

I ordered my usual latte and grilled chicken salad. The grilled chicken was juicy and tender. I really love the taste. Well, the greens were pretty normal to me cos I am really not a big fan of greens. Latte is smooth and with very minimal after taste. So, generally a place with pretty nice menu at hands. This cafe is also pretty religious in a nature. They run the Alpha Course here, catering for the people working around the area. A midst the many books, you will probably find a number of Christian books and Bibles.

I love it here because you can really chillax here. Just right in front of my are two girls making themselves feel so at home and chatting the world away. Good thing they are not much of a distraction to me. I would love to come here again if not because it’s rather far and inaccessible. Love it here.

The Gatekeeper




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