Cafe Hopper Review: Assembly Coffee @ Evans Road

I was at Evans Road for a meeting and heard from a colleague that Assembly Coffee is nearby. So I decided to hop into the cafe to take a look. Things that I heard about the cafe, the coffee is good, the waffle is good and etc. Seems to me to be a pretty decent cafe! When I stepped in, I was a little taken a back by the smallness of the cafe! However though small, they managed to put in a huge table right in the middle of the space! I love huge table as some of you already know! I was so tempted to sit by the huge table but was turned down by my colleague and a very good friend!

Anyway, I ordered their piccolo latte and a chicken pie. My friend ordered a regular latte from them. The piccolo cafe was very well done. It is smooth and doesn’t leave behind an after taste of coffee in your mouth! At the same time, every sip you get to savor the fragrance of the coffee beans! I love their piccolo latte! I wasn’t too impress by the chicken pie. Well, it basically what you can get from ordinary pastry shop.

The cafe is near the NUS law school and some other premium schools around the area, thus quite a number of law students and school students would patronize the cafe. However, I didn’t really see anyone studying. Most of them would come here for a chat and mingle with friends! I think I like that idea too!

Well, if you have never been to this cafe…well I would recommend for you to pay a visit! Well even if all things failed, Mr Prata is just next door… But I am sure Assembly won’t exactly fail you!

The gatekeeper




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