Cafe Hopper Review: Le Petit Prince Cafe @ Somme Road

It was a planned visit. My friend and I planned this visit about one week before hand and finally we made it to the cafe! I heard so much about the cafe and it’s unique theme that follows after the famous classical narrative, The Little Prince! I personally love the book and of course a cafe after the theme. I finally found the cafe cos I saw a bao constrictor devour an elephant sign! I recognized that drawing in the first chapter of the book!

I was at first pretty disappointed with the size area of the cafe… Really small! But then again, small or big is a matter of perception! Eyes are blind anyway according to the book. I decided to overlook the size of the cafe and focus on what they have in this small space. They have pretty everything… Even my recent favorite, piccolo latte! I ordered that and a turkey ham ciabatta bread! However, we didn’t eat immediately our food! We were forbidden to eat anything until they have been properly gone through the ritual of photo taking and instagraming…. Hahaha!

I love my le petit prince theme saucer that they served my piccolo with. Lovely saucer indeed! The piccolo is certainly up to my standard but the food is pretty ordinary! I must say that this is really a nice cosy corner to chillax and hand out with friends…. The only thing about the cafe is that out of the four of us, two of us got lost while looking for it…. Overall experience there… I love it there!





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