Cafe Hopper Review: One Man Coffee @ Upper Thomson

A few friends decided on this cafe after a very formal function! Too formal and too hot…so we definitely need to chillax somewhere! We decided on this particular one! We were pretty lucky to be able to find a place for the three of us and a good corner some more! I find the concept of this cafe interesting…. There are two food outlet here co-existing in the same shop space! One Man Coffee would operate from 10am to 5pm…. And there is another pizza outlet, Crust, that functions later in the evening! However, if I am not wrong… They function concurrently! Not too sure, but just know that they con-exist! A brilliant idea for a country so limited by our land size!

I ordered a baby spinach salad and my friend ordered a set of French toast….which didn’t quite look like one also. I didn’t even know that’s a French toast until later when we were having satay at Chong Pang food center. The salad was crunchy and the baby spinach was very fresh! The salad dressing was sourish and yet not sour, sweet and yet not so sweet! It’s just the right concoction for me! I ordered my piccolo and still loving it.

Due to the limited space, the cafe can be pretty cramp when there is a crowd…there is also an alfresco seating at the side! Not too bad a cafe and it had a lot of personality! I love the old cabinet they have to display all the awesome looking cakes and other items to go with your coffee! A lot of potential and certainly a potential threat to Habitat Coffee nearby! Well, competition is good…. It will push both parties to improve on their stuff! Let’s see about it! Upper Thomson is becoming more and more exciting!





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