Cafe Hopper Review: Coffee Break at Li-bra-ry, Sukhumvit Soi 24

It’s quite easy to miss this cafe especially when both Sukhumvit Soi 24 and Soi 26 are filled with lots of great dining area and cafes as well. This very simple, Japanese style cafe can be easily left out. However, you really shouldn’t leave out this cafe. It’s pretty popular among the Japanese community in Bangkok and just looking the cafe from outside, you will have the feel of standing outside a Japanese cafe in the street of Tokyo or Osaka. The furnitures are very typically Japanese and the light wood grains give patron a very relaxing and natural feel as you step into the cafe premise.

You certainly won’t have the library feel but there is a big shelf full of magazines and books for those who need to feed their minds a little. For me, it suffices to just sit in a corner and look out to the full window, seeing the people passing by. I ordered their iced black tea latte, salad and chocolate donut serve in those bamboo dim sum tray. I love how the food is being presented and the salad I must say is fresh and crunchy. It also has a little twist of Japanese taste. Black tea is rather ordinary but definitely satisfying especially when the weather out there is extremely hot during this season. You really can’t ask for too complicated cuisine when the cafe seems to pride itself of simplicity.

The cafe is spacious and thus give patrons enough space to chill out and gossip the world away. There is a upper deck which offers greater privacy. This is something that cafes in Singapore are not able to provide given our expensive land space and extorting landlords. With more space you certainly can create more cosy corners for customers who really come here to get a little personal space away from the hassle and buzzle of city life.

If you happen be in Bangkok, drop by this cafe and experience a piece of quiet and serenity in the busy city of life, Bangkok.

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