Cafe Hopper and Poem: Danger…Danger…

There’s danger everywhere!
They are hidden in the home
In your dark closets in your room
You don’t always see them
But they are always looking out for you
They will catch you unawared
And blow your mind off when they hit you

The fear of them lead us to
A constant need for security
Signs put up, to warn and
To keep out.
“Back off, danger ahead”
That’s what they are saying.
You better watch out…
That is what mummy is warning.

Danger seen and unseen
What grip us most
Is things that we seeth not
They corner you to the dark wall
Making your pores
Arrested by frozen cold
In the lonely silent night
You can cry and none heareth

We can run and we can flee
But we can’t hide
Danger comes and danger goes
We lift our chests and brave the storm
“We’ll be stronger” saith the wise.
Often be…our courage take flight
When danger strikes again…
Look straight and say “Hi”

Last day of 2014, poetry written at Starbucks.


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