Cafe Hopper Review: My Awesome Cafe @ Telok Ayer

This is one very unique cafe in Singapore. It’s uniqueness is in the fact that it’s formerly Chung Hwa Free Clinic! This Chinese clinic used to provide free medical care to our pioneer immigrants in the early days of Singapore history. Till today, Chung Hwa Free Clinic still functions as a free clinic in various parts of the island. I love the fact that they have preserved the original main entrance of the clinic. The interior decor of the cafe left some traces of the old medical clinic and added in elements of the modern cafe. Love the overall feel the cafe have to me when I stepped into the premise.

However,I was rather disappointed with the food they serve. I couldn’t decide what to order and eventually ordered their Awesome Breakfast Set. Well, since it’s called awesome, I was expecting it to be awesome. When the set came, I was rather disappointed by the food. It was simply very ordinary croissants and a few pieces of normal hams and scrambled eggs. That’s about it. They tasted very ordinary and
I really don’t think it would take a lot of skill to make the set at all. Adding to my dissatisfaction, the avocado and pineapple which was in the menu were missing from the late and when probed, the service free said they don’t have the ingredients in the kitchen. Well, I mean if you don’t have the full ingredients in the kitchen, you should at least inform me before I made a decision!

This incident made me minus some points from my original good impression of the cafe. The latte was ordinary as well I must add. In general, I should think that the selling point for the cafe is really the historical context of the place. Give it benefit of doubt, maybe I haven’t experience the cafe enough to give a fair judgement. Perhaps the next time I will try something different and maybe I will say something else about it.

Just a side note, I did have a good get together with my friends, chatting and making jokes. Thanks for the very cosy place to chill out.





The Gatekeeper

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