Cafe Hopper at Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra

It was a full house performance! It’s awesome and magnificent. I love it when at the beginning Adrain Tan, the music director, brought down the formality of classical music for the general audience, making it closer to everyone.

The symphony itself brought the audience into the deepest and darkest corner of human struggles, manifesting for the listeners the reality of human suffering and turmoil. It’s like a journey… A journey into our deepest self. Then at the third part of the symphony, it was like spring emerging after the cold and dark winter. You can literally feel the sun beam penetrating through the cold and life returning to the pasture.

The piece reaches its climax at the fourth part and the final part, when the symphony broke through into singing, deliberating joy and hope to humanity. Just when you thought that is all, the singing and the music proceed on to a joy and pleasure so heavenly and so divine…ending with an expression and explosion of elation so unexplainable!

Marvellous presentation of Beethoven 9th Symphony by the Braddell Height Symphony Orchestra or BHSO. At the end,.it received from the audience a standing ovation of almost 10 mins!

AWESOME! This is truly an anthem for all humanity! A hymn of freedom and joy unspeakable! #sg50

The Gatekeeper




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