Cafe Hopper Review: The Lokal@Neil Road

I heard so much about the cafe and looked out some review about the place. Now finally I am here today. It’s not exactly a difficult find but still I decided to take a cab just to avoid wasted walking. The cafe is really located at the corner between Bukit Pasoh and Neil Road. A very nice corner indeed. I walked in and just as I expected, not crowded. It’s a weekday you see and it’s always a good privilege to be able to visit cafe during weekdays, not crowded and you can slowly take your time to savour the coffee and the cafe food. Over the years, due to the cafe culture, there has developed this category of cafe cuisine. I guess it’s the same for The Lokal as well.

I ordered my usual latte and this time with their French toast. They did surprised me with their combination of,French toast, melted ice cream and crispy strip bacon. Lovely combination of sweet and savoury taste. The coffee was something I would really love to have another cup if not because I was hopping to somewhere else later. The overall environment is cosy and with a little pinch of street arts on the wall and at the counter. The cafe provides nice, cosy corners for people to have mini discussion or simply to soak in your quiet time alone!

They have friendly staff here. Was reading somewhere that somebody commented the staff were unfriendly. I didn’t feel that at all when I was there. The lady that served me was even sensitive to my need of my personal quiet solace and thus recommended a corner that I was able to have that. Thanks Germaine if you are reading this.

Lovely place and accessible…So do drop by The Lokal and experience the cafe space too.

The Gatekeeper





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