Cafe Hopper Reflection: Time should catch up!

My church service today was a rather different one! Slow moving songs, mixed of traditional hymns and contemporary worship songs. Somehow I love the mixed of slow moving songs and the overall cathedral atmosphere…. It gives a very quiet and peaceful feeling…absence of the majestic pipe organ and the great choir…just something simple…piano and the voices! I am thankful for such a service today! Sometimes God speaks to us through soft, moving songs.

As usual, my church service always doesn’t ends with the benediction! For me, I would usually spend an hour or so of alone time at the nearest Starbucks! I guess sometimes you just need to slow down and let time catch up with us! So often we are always catching up with time and always grumbling of no time or so little time. The way to deal with this is really to slow down and let time catch up with us! This time round I even ordered things out of my norm! I gave up my usual grande latte and went for the plain and simple Cafe Americano or simply said… Black coffee or kopi O! Normally I would order pastries and stuff … This time just sandwich! And of course I need to feed my mind too… with Kinfolk! I love this easy-reading magazine! It’s really a good read for cafe hoppers like myself!

I took sometimes to listen to my own voice amidst all the jazzy music and a group of post-grads discussing about their assignment! Arghhhhh …. Seems like there must be work some how existing in cafe! You can imagine what a contrast I am from them… They reading thick and heavy research books and me… Kinfolk! Come on… It’s a Sunday…. Everyone deserves to be lazy!

Well… Time to sip the world away with my Cafe Americano… See you guys soon with my fourth cafe in Bangkok soon! Have a great Summer Day!

The gatekeeper!


Cafe Hopper Review: Marchie @ JEM

For some strange reason, I am enjoying time alone more and more. I am enjoying those moments when I don’t talk to people. Of course, being a social animal, sometimes I crave for company as well. But not as much recently I guess. I decided to journey down my recent haunt, JEM, to just take walk down the mall to see what kind of encounter I would get. Nah…not the love at first sight kind of encounter lah…encounter with food … Encounter with good coffee. I wanted to try my luck at Starbucks…but then as usual, it is flooded with people who keep studying there. Just never able to understand why they have so much to study. Anyway, nowadays going to Starbucks is like going to the casino to try your luck. If you are lucky you will hit the jackpot…if not you will walk away disappointed. Well, I had that feeling when I went to Starbucks at JEM. So I decided to try my luck somewhere else.

I was so tempted by the one-for-one beer and I really had the inclination to drink. I hopped to Marchie by Movenpick. I really like the decor of the restaurant. I love the various quotes to remind you to relax and chill out. I ordered a German beer and I portion of crispy ravioli. The ravioli tasted nice when it is hot…however when it gets cold, well…it turns soft and tasted a bit rubbery. The beer is cool and I really enjoyed drinking alone and all by myself. That’s why I had the time to out in this entry. The decor is a good blend of greens, woods and modernity. I like the all open concept of the place. You can just chill out and see the people walking pass you at the mall. Talking about mall reminds me if Christmas now….yeah!

The staff here are very polite and they make you feel very at ease over here. I could read my book peacefully and indeed, felt very relaxed over here. Who needs to their luck when you have Marchie around the corner. Ok, coming back to food, they are quite good with pizzas…so please try their pizzas if you happen to hop here.

My overall experience in this place is cool and chill. I love it here and will certainly come here another day.

The gatekeeper




Cafe Hopper Review: Weewa Cafe@Nakhon Ratchasima (Korat)

First time in Korat I visted a cafe. This is Weewa Cafe. Thanks to the staffs at Alpha Students’ Centre. They decided to bring me to this cafe. The cafe has a very rustic courtyard. You will be greeted by a stretch of koi fish and some sitting area as well. However, honestly you would’t want to be sitting outside because it can be pretty hot in the noon time at Korat. Given the hot weather we rather be sitting indoor with air-conditioning. When I went in, the thing that really caught my eyes was the stained glass window at the sides. They are very simple stained glass window but it gave the cafe interior a very retro feel.

Because this is a totally new environment to me, I wanted to try something different too. I ordered the iced caramel boom coffee. I also ordered a lemon pastry. I must say I am still not satisfied with the coffee here. I am not sure if it is the way the barrista did it, but the coffee doesn’t bring out the after taste and you really do feel like you are just drinking soft drinks. But I must say this as well, the pastry is quite impressive. The lemon pastry I ordered tasted very rich and every mouth of it really tasted lemon and giving a very refreshing touch to our taste buds. I was also impressed by the banana chocolate cake. There is really like real banana in the cake and the sponge tastes rich with banana.

We didn’t sit there for very long but it was quite a good chill out. The atmosphere is a plus for this cafe and needless to say, the pastries. I guess the coffee thing is really a nation-wide thing. Generally, its not easy to get good coffee in Thailand. They still have a long way to go before gourmet coffee can take off.

the gatekeeper