Cafe Hopper Review: Le Petit Prince Cafe @ Somme Road

It was a planned visit. My friend and I planned this visit about one week before hand and finally we made it to the cafe! I heard so much about the cafe and it’s unique theme that follows after the famous classical narrative, The Little Prince! I personally love the book and of course a cafe after the theme. I finally found the cafe cos I saw a bao constrictor devour an elephant sign! I recognized that drawing in the first chapter of the book!

I was at first pretty disappointed with the size area of the cafe… Really small! But then again, small or big is a matter of perception! Eyes are blind anyway according to the book. I decided to overlook the size of the cafe and focus on what they have in this small space. They have pretty everything… Even my recent favorite, piccolo latte! I ordered that and a turkey ham ciabatta bread! However, we didn’t eat immediately our food! We were forbidden to eat anything until they have been properly gone through the ritual of photo taking and instagraming…. Hahaha!

I love my le petit prince theme saucer that they served my piccolo with. Lovely saucer indeed! The piccolo is certainly up to my standard but the food is pretty ordinary! I must say that this is really a nice cosy corner to chillax and hand out with friends…. The only thing about the cafe is that out of the four of us, two of us got lost while looking for it…. Overall experience there… I love it there!





Cafe Hopper Review: Chu Chocolate and Bar @ Exchange Tower, Asoke

This is a cool and modern looking café tuck at a corner of Exchange Tower. It is mainly frequent by people who work in the building and it certainly can provide a little chill out for the busy office workers here. The café has drop-down window and giving you a clear view of the ever-buzzing Sukhumvit Road. This is one hell of a road that never sleeps. Many of the Caucasians love to just sit around here, read a book or simply stare out into the street blankly. The only not-so-cool stuff about the café is that it doesn’t have WIFI.

The tables are spaciously laid out so as to give people ample room for conversation and discussion I guess. Food wise I must say it’s pretty ordinary in this extra-ordinary city, hail for its fine cuisine and local delights. The latte is surprisingly not that bad, pretty acceptable for now. In general, it’s not easy to find good coffee in Thailand.

I ordered the Breakfast Biscuit that is basically scone topped with scrambled egg and sausages. Well, not quite a good mix I must say but certainly good enough for the morning. Personal opinion is that it might be better if they replace the sausage with simply crispy bacon. That will be prefect I guess. Maybe they are better with their chocolate stuff that I didn’t order. Didn’t want to take chocolate stuff in the morning.

My family left for Singapore and I am staying back to proceed on to Korat this evening. Finally, giving a break to this cute, buzzing city for a few days and into the quiet and slow pace Korat for the next few days. Missing all my friends in Korat.


The Gatekeeper



Cafe Hopper Review: Provence@Chitlom, Bangkok (Gaysorn Plaza)

This is the second cafe that I am reviewing in Bangkok. Its hard to find a good cafe outlet especially when you are not so familiar with the place. I was roaming around while waiting for a local Thai friend to finish his MBA class. We are suppose to meet at Terminal 21, one of my favorite shopping malls in town. For those who are not so familiar with Bangkok, Terminal 21 is situated at Asok. The unique thing about the mall is that every floor has a unique country theme. For instant, the second floor is Japanese and the third floor is Istanbul if I am not wrong. The things there are pretty affordable. I love to shop for shirts and bags over there. Some of the shops operates in JJ market as well but JJ market is just too hot for any shopper in my opinion. I went there once to get some stuff for Toffee, my toy poodle, and I was perspiring like hell!

Anyway, I was in Gaysorn and I bummed into Provence Cafe in the mall. Its a very pretty cafe with the attempt to bring in the Italian atmosphere into the mall. The cafe is situated on the second floor or third floor and its very spacial. You will have a feeling of sitting by the park when you are in the cafe. The only thing rather strange about the cafe is that they don’t serve latte. I decided to go for cappuccino instead. However, they also run out of that. The staff were a little unfriendly at first when I sat down. Maybe because I was not very richly dressed and Gaysorn is a pretty up-market mall in Bangkok, almost equivalent to our Paragon in Orchard Road. Since they did not have latte or cappuccino, I decided to just order the iced thai coffee and a set of club sandwiches. Because people are scarce in Gaysorn, you will find that sitting in Provence provides a sense of tranquillity and peace. In addition, you will be getting aroma from many of the aromatherapy shops, selling all kinds of products there. As such, it can be pretty relaxing just sitting down there and rest before you go for your next round of shopping in town.

The coffee was pretty ordinary. Well, it tasted very much like coffee but I like their club sandwich. The toast effect is good…crispy on the outside and the softness of the various ingredients inside. The ingredients are pretty wholesome and its worth a try if you are a sandwich lover. I can’t say that it is fantastic but pretty reasonable in taste and texture I guess. Do drop by Provence and have a look and experience for yourself some up-market shopping in Gaysorn as well. If I remember correctly they have a LV outlet there and a Hugo Boss.

the gatekeeper




Cafe Hopper Review: Chock Full Of Beans@Changi Village

I was attending one of the many invites to BBQ and its really has been a long since I attend any of these BBQ session. Its always not so pleasant to do BBQ in Singapore as the weather is hot and humid. Anyway, I went for it…turned out to be quite fun and of course a lot of mosquitoes as well. They had their fun sucking our blood while we happily BBQ our way. We felt rather bored and decided to explore the place a little. After all, its been a long time since I came to Changi Village. I remember there are a few nice cafes around the area as well. Of course, Cafe Hopper won’t miss a single chance to hop into one of them. This time round, I hoped into Chock Full of Beans. I have heard of this one from many friends. I love the name and always wonder why they decided to use the word “Chock”. I didn’t bother to find out anyway…

We just had a whole lot of BBQ food so we decided to just order drinks from this one. I must say that the only surprise we got from them are the latte art on every cup of coffee they serve. When the first cup of coffee arrived, it was a Tic-Tac-Toe pattern. We we were so excited over and it we waited with excitement for the next cup of coffee to arrive. Well, I must say that they never fail to surprise us what’s the next pattern on the next cup of coffee. Other then this, I must say that the coffee taste pretty normal. Nothing very exceptional about it.

I love the decor. Again, it has a little woody element in it and it always warm my heart to see people use wood as part of their designs. The shop space is pretty small and thus, I am quite impressed by the decor and the space consumption in the cafe. This commendable. Of course, they have outside seatings as well but honestly if given a choice, most people would like the comfort of the air-conditioning, which in my opinion is the best invention by human hands.

This is one cafe that is worth the visit if you have already travelled all the way far east to Changi. A very good resting place from all the beach activities in the area. Or perhaps, a good place to chill after your dinner there or supper.


the gatekeeper



Cafe Hopper Review: Maison Ikkoku Cafe@Kandahar Street

Maison Ikkoku Cafe – heard of this cafe from a friend and always thought that it is located in some mysterious corner of Singapore. I happened to be walking along Beach Road and coincidentally I bummed into this little cafe at the corner of Kandahar Street, some what alongside Beach Road. Well, not that mysterious after all, but it is certainly near the famous Sultan Mosque near Baghdad Street.

When you enter the cafe, it gives you a very cellar feel. You will notice the lighting with pipeline design and the uneven wall surface that makes it seems like some underground place. You would also notice the hanging cabinets at the ceiling. My personal feel is that it is one cosy corner with a slight stain it character in it. It’s actually a pretty cosy corner, especially when my friend and I had walked a long way.

I ordered my usual latte and a piece of carrot cake which my friend agreed to share with me. You know I can’t have too much of these cakes….not very healthy for me. I was allured by the little carrot design on the cake and told myself…just this once! I must say that the latte was really nice. It’s one of the best latte I have ever tasted so far. The roasted after taste of the latte was simply addictive and the coffee bean is a good mixed of 4 or 5 different types of beans. They are pretty open about their mix which I really find it very good.

The carrot cake was wholesome and I must say very tasty. You can see how wholesome it is when you see the filling in between the layers. Every bite of the cake comes with the many other ingredients in it. I love the cake. I doubt they bake the cake themselves but I must say they certainly have very good suppliers. However, $6 for a piece of cake is a bit pricey actually. Ok, let’s not talk about dollars and cents here.n

On a whole, it was a very refreshing experience in the cafe. The cellar or underground feel of the cafe give customers a sense of a secret hiding place where you can gossip about your boss, or bitch about your friends or just philosophising about life. Certainly a cool chill out place! I left my name card with them and introduced myself as cafe hopper to them….

The gatekeeper