Cafe Hopper Review: Forty Hands Cafe @ Yong Siak Street

This cafe didn’t really catch my attention when I was there at Yong Siak Street! In fact, I hesitated going into the cafe! I thought that it would be very small and probably too cramp to be comfortable! I was right to a certain extend, however, I managed to find myself a corner in the cafe which is pretty comfortable and sat there for a while before moving on! I ordered their cold drip coffee and I must truly say that the coffee is strong and good! It’s strong but yet it doesn’t have that sourish after taste of coffee! It was refreshing and more so when the drip coffee is served with ice!

For food, I asked for the Ang Mo Classic and … Well…. Didn’t really find it fantastically nice! It tastes rather like our local roti john but with Ang Mo sausage in between the bun! Clothes with cheese and tomato sauce…so it tastes like roti john!

The cafe has a back alley kind of decor with graffiti and some cartoon drawing on the wall! Not that bad for a tiny cafe like this! Actually they are not as tiny, cos there is another stretch of seats at the back of the cafe but it’s non air-con! Most people would definitely prefer to be at the aircon… Unless you are a smoker!

My overall experience here is pretty pleasant and it certainly is good as a quick chat out place. Definitely not going to sit here for too long!

The Gatekeeper