Cafe Hopper Gets Spiritual – Reflection at Starbucks

I must say that there is a strong parallel between coffee drinking and spirituality. I woke up this morning around 5 and I heard the rhythmic raindrops outside my window. I felt so comfortable listening to the raindrops falling and realised how blessed I am in The Lord. For a good many years I have not felt this way. I continued to roll in my bed and bathing myself in this divine bliss. Oh yah, because God sent the rain, I was so not going to the Cathedral for my service today. Believe me, I really wanted to go for my service.

When I opened my room door, I was greeted by Toffee, my little toy poodle. Every morning she will wait for me to come out from my room faithfully without fail…well unless my mum ground her in the kitchen. Toffee never fails to greet me with lots of leaps and bounds. I decided that since I am not going to the Cathedral, I might as well go down to Starbucks and do some reading. I packed with me my old, tattered Bible and techy iPad. I am a strange person, I usually have my Our Daily Bread on iPad and prefers to read the Word from my physical copy Bible. I never like the idea of digital Bible. I like to feel, touch and experience the Word of God.

The reading for the morning was from Psalm 51 and it speaks about David and his sin. I was once again moved by David’s repentance and reflected on that. The Lord reminded me of His grace and compassionate in forgiving us and cleanse us when we truly repent of our wrongdoings. I was very moved by the message. Of course, I had my sips of coffee as well. I felt as though God reached out His might hands from His throne of grace and touched my feeble heart. The touch was so tangible that I almost tear.

I then started to worship God with a few songs from YouTube, songs from Psalm 51. I must say that Keith Green has a way to soul-bound you with his voice. He is just so gifted and inspired by the Holy Spirit. When I heard his version of Psalm 51, my spirit was so bound by the words and the music, and of course by the Spirit of God. God, help me to stay true to Your Word. I held my old, tattered Bible and was reminded how I delighted in the Word of God as a young Christian back in the 1990s. I was even reminded of my faith back in the 1980s as well. I believe that King David was also reminded of the joy of his salvation when he repented before Almighty God.

I guess, coffee really has away to bring us closer to God. This morning was indeed a coffee time well spent with Jesus. In fact, I felt that he was just sitting right in front of me the whole morning. Like it or not, God is everywhere…. The next time you visit a cafe, invite Him along and you might just have a very different encounter of His Presence right there. Go experience Him over a cup of nice, hot latte….☕☕

The gatekeeper




Cafe Hopper on Special Task Part 2

Right now I am taking my Christmas leave from the works in Korat. Although I was only in Korat for a few days but I have experienced much of the work there. I know that the work in Korat is extensive and I really respect people like Kim Yien and Pastor Dickson and the rest of the team for holding the fort there. I saw everyone so eager to do God’s work and they all contributed in so many ways big or small just to share the gospel with the community. Really a beautiful bunch of people.

After a few days there in Korat, I am having a clearer picture of my role there. I thank God for showing me clearer what I am suppose to do in Korat. I thank God for the people that I met in Korat, both locals and friends from Singapore. I am thankful to God for Mark and Angela for also ministering to me by praying for me before I leave for Bangkok for my Christmas break. They have been a tremendous blessing to me and I am sure to the people at Alpha.

So what did I do in Korat for the past few days. Honestly, The things that I am doing is only such a small fraction of what the whole team in Korat is doing. Basically for the past few days, I have been going for one Christmas event to another Christmas…and all these events are organized with just one purpose – that is so that the people can hear the gospel. For the past few days, I have been following them from Christmas party to caroling…then the Christmas service on Sunday. We also go to members house to pray and bless them. Then it was meeting at the university and at Boonwattana. The meetings were basically our way of building bridges to the various schools and institutions. Its been very exciting and I pray for God to bless the works of our hands. Unless the Lord build the house, the laborer would labour in vain.

Well, at night I am usually all by myself in the house of God. I live in the church and I will be living there for the second round when I am in Korat. Its simply amazing because this is really a dream come true. I always wanted to be a gatekeeper in the house of God and there you go…I am a gatekeeper for the past few days. At night I would do some housekeeping by washing my clothes and hanging them up. I would also iron my clothes so that I can look presentable at times in the ministry. I find worship in doing all of these. They are not chores but a worship unto the Lord. Sometimes I would help mop the floor of Alpha Cafe, which is at the first floor. I also helped to tidy up the place to make sure that the place is ready the next day.

Once all of those things are done, I will go to the Lord in prayer using the Book of Common Prayer. This is really my personal time with God and it has been most wonderful standing before Him and to worship Him; to give thanks to Him the day’s works. I do the same in the morning. I pray the Morning Prayer and offer the day to God and to His work in Korat.

For now, Merry Christmas to all my readers and May the Lord richly bless you!

the gatekeeper