Cafe Hopper Review: Casa Lapin x26 @ Sukhumvit Soi 26

I took a very short trip to Bangkok for a very short semi-business trip so decided to do a little cafe hopping here. I have been wanting to visit Casa Lapin all this while, especially seeing many of my Thai friends enjoying their chillax there. I want to be seen there as well. How can a cafe hopper not been to the holyland of Thai cafe scene. It wasn’t a difficult find, just alight at BTS Prom Phong and head towards Soi 26 you will certainly not miss this beautifully crafted cafe.

I was there very early and was the first customer of that day…unfortunately there is no discount for first comer! I was so captured by the overall decor of the cafe. The cafe has a homely, country feel. Rustic texture and with all the dried flowers hanging on the wall, it gives you a very unique therapeutic feel. You just wish to sit there the whole day and lazing the hours away!

I ordered a cup of latte and their chocolate tart. Well, I ordered the tart because it has the Casa Lapin label on it. Casa Lapin comes from a French term meaning house rabbits. I am not exactly sure what that means really. Managed to chat with two of the staffs at the cafe and found out that Casa Lapin is owned by several partners and they came together to create this cafe wonder in Bangkok! One of the partners even own the flower shop just besides the cafe.

I wasn’t sure how long I stayed in the cafe. However it really feels like time stopped for a long duration. Well reality being reality… I had to move on to my next appointment. Casa Lapin is a must visit if you are keen about cafe scene in Bangkok or Thailand. They have three outlets in Bangkok and Soi 26 is the largest one in size!






Cafe Hopper Review: (UN) Fashion Cafe@Ekkamai Soi 10, Bangkok

My body was certainly feeling rather tired today. However, still I picked up myself to embark on today’s cafe hopping venture. I must say that I had quite a walk from my hotel to Ekkamai Soi 10 and the weather was simply unbearably hot. I finally reached Ekkamai Soi 10 and found Bluedoor Cafe. Unfortunately the cafe opens only at 11:30am. Ekkamai Soi 10 is a pretty interesting spot with shops selling vintage fashion. While waiting for Bluedoor to open, I took a stroll around the area and guess what, I found another cafe just directly opposite Bluedoor. This is really an interesting cafe because the cafe is one with personality and character. From the outside, the cafe looks like an old, rusty caravan but the inside is far from being a rusty piece of metal. It has a country theme in decor and I love every tiny corner of the cafe. There is a second floor to the cafe but I was too tired to go up for a look.

I ordered an ice latte and some scone. Nothing really fantastic about the food but the ambience of the cafe already mesmerised me so much that it doesn’t matter what they serve. One thing to note is that they make those pastries on their own and I guess that add to the special things about this cafe. Just besides the cafe is a little vintage shop selling vintage fashion.

Overall experience for this cafe, real good one. I love the country theme and its nice just sitting there and listening to all those old country songs, including You are My Sunshine! If you are too tired of walking, you may wish to take a cab here, especially when the weather can be really hot.

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Cafe Hopper Review: Le Pla Daak Cafe@Bangkok Cultural and Arts Center, Bangkok

I always love to visit the Bangkok Cultural and Arts Centre, BACC. Many tourists would not take time to visit this place as they would be too immersed in the shopping spree just diagonally across Siam Center and Siam Paragon. Just opposite the building is the famous MBK, a haven for cheap imitation products. Thus, its easy for many to miss this building though it is always very prominent if you manoeuvre around the Siam area. Not only would you see gallery of art works and photography, you will also be greeted by interesting shops selling unique art related products. Amidst these shops, there are a couple of nice cafes as well. I was rather tired and was considering whether to have my lunch here at BACC or over at Siam Square or Siam Center. Just when I was getting too tired of thinking, right before me was this interesting cafe. I was attracted by the vintage style decor but wasn’t too happy with the menu. Still eventually I stepped in and decided on this one.

I was so overwhelmed by all the interesting vintage style decor and the many old-school display on the shelves. I simply love the feeling of having old stuff surrounding me. The tables, the chairs, the plaques and the many many different kinds of household stuff that turn into art works in this small, little cafe. I ordered ice coffee and a set of BBQ pork with rice. The coffee tasted pretty right but just a little too sweet. Food served is very home-cook style. Just when I was there, the staff were having their lunch and they seemed to be eating pretty much the same thing as I was. So, if you wish to eat something that Thai people eat at home, this is probably a good place to begin with.

I sat there for a while after I finished my lunch and really just enjoying the very classic Thai songs playing at the background. Overall, the experience with this cafe is good and really a good blend of arts and food within this small space. More importantly, do drop by the BACC the next time you come to Bangkok!

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Cafe Hopper Review: Audrey Cafe and Bistro@Thonglor 11, Bangkok

This is certainly one cafe that your eyes can’t have enough to see. It has a French classical design for interior decor and the moment you stepped into the courtyard of the cafe, you are already spoiled by the posh and classy outlook. From the table display to the black, elegant chandelier, the cafe is just too beautiful to be missed. This is one place that has lots of personality and character in it. I decided to tuck myself in one corner of the cafe so that I can have a good view of almost everything. The ambience alone will kill diners here.

The menu is not exactly a fusion of Thai-French cuisine. It basically has two types of menu, French and Thai. I took me a while to decide what to eat cos I was really spoiled of all the choices possible. Their signature pork knuckle cube looks totally tempting and I almost gave in to it. However, I promised myself that I won’t resist the temptation again next time. The braised beef is worth trying and apparently it takes 6 hours to braised the beef. Wooooo….how not to try it. Still, I decided to give it a miss since I am travelling alone. In the end, I ordered a simple pasta dish with corn beef and a Thai appetiser, meat wrap with rice skin. Well, I didn’t quite get a fusion but I must say that I pretty like my order.

Honestly I pretty like the outdoor seating if not because the weather is rather warm. I suggest, if you come in December, take the alfresco seating and enjoy the courtyard atmosphere. Trust me, you will for a moment believe that you are in Paris.

I didn’t get to try the pastry because I simply need to reserve some parts of my stomach for other things. The coffee wasn’t really that fragrant and it is rather light for me. Well, I don’t suppose they would pride themselves with their coffee when their food is good and their ambience is almost perfect. I love the short walk out of Thonglor Soi 11…quiet, peaceful and just the right environment to think about the next cafe to hop to. Thonglor is really a cool dinning area in Bangkok!


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Cafe Hopper Review: Chu Chocolate and Bar @ Exchange Tower, Asoke

This is a cool and modern looking café tuck at a corner of Exchange Tower. It is mainly frequent by people who work in the building and it certainly can provide a little chill out for the busy office workers here. The café has drop-down window and giving you a clear view of the ever-buzzing Sukhumvit Road. This is one hell of a road that never sleeps. Many of the Caucasians love to just sit around here, read a book or simply stare out into the street blankly. The only not-so-cool stuff about the café is that it doesn’t have WIFI.

The tables are spaciously laid out so as to give people ample room for conversation and discussion I guess. Food wise I must say it’s pretty ordinary in this extra-ordinary city, hail for its fine cuisine and local delights. The latte is surprisingly not that bad, pretty acceptable for now. In general, it’s not easy to find good coffee in Thailand.

I ordered the Breakfast Biscuit that is basically scone topped with scrambled egg and sausages. Well, not quite a good mix I must say but certainly good enough for the morning. Personal opinion is that it might be better if they replace the sausage with simply crispy bacon. That will be prefect I guess. Maybe they are better with their chocolate stuff that I didn’t order. Didn’t want to take chocolate stuff in the morning.

My family left for Singapore and I am staying back to proceed on to Korat this evening. Finally, giving a break to this cute, buzzing city for a few days and into the quiet and slow pace Korat for the next few days. Missing all my friends in Korat.


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Cafe Hopper Review: Coffee Stars by Dao (Thai and International Cuisine)

This cafe is a pleasant surprise for me. I wanted to visit Paris Baguette Cafe in Wisma but when I arrived there it was simply too crowded. So I decided to save that for next review. I bummed into Coffee Stars by Dao. I am pretty familiar with Coffee Bean by Dao in Bangkok but I was delighted to see the same chain of cafe in Singapore. I decided on this one.

I wanted to just have coffee and some pastries. When I saw in the menu a whole list of ‘local’ Thai food, I decided to eat more. I ordered the traditional khao niao or sticky rice and BBQ beef. I also ordered my all time favourite som tum or papaya salad. What really made my day was that the manage of the cafe from Thailand and I managed to speak a few lines of Thai with her. I love the feeling of that…makes me feel like I am at home.

Oh yah, I must mention the lemon grass tea which I ordered. The tea was really refreshing and it really compliments the tastes of Thai cuisine, a bit of spicy, a bit of sour, a bit of sweet and a bit of all other things. The sticky rice served in the traditional cane-knitted container and again that made my day. And I must say that the rest of the food, indeed, met my expectation of Thai cuisine. As a matter of fact, the food is more tasty then many of the Thai restaurants here. Unfortunately, it is a bit pricy over here.

If you have never visited a Dao, this is one you may not want to miss. I will certainly recommend this for people who wish to have a taste of authentic Thai cuisine.

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