My Confirmation 2008 at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral

My Confirmation 2008

On the 12/10/2008, I was confirmed at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral by The Most Revd. Dr John Chew at the 5pm Holy Communion Service. It was a very special day for me. It is a day when I dedicated myself to the Lord God and once again committed myself to be His disciple till He comes again in glory and splendour. I was very nervous since that early morning. I knew that I was going to take a very big step of faith to believe in the Lord. I left my previous church many years back. My previous church had given me alot of rooms for growth and service to the Lord. I was a youth leader, cell group leader and was worship leading for a number of years. I really thank my Senior Pastors for giving me lots of opportunities to glorify God and to know Him and make Him known. Unfortunately things didn’t go on smoothly later. I had to make the painful  decision to leave the church and I seeked my refuge at Saint Andrew’s Cathedral.

It was here at the Cathedral that I learnt to shut up; to quieten my spirit and my soul to listen to the voice of Almight God. Unlike in my previous church, God did not move in high beat worship over here. God ministered to me through the liturgical worship and hymns. More importantly, God spoke to me many times through the sermons on Sunday. Of course, I was not always regular for service. As a matter of fact, I came out from my previous church, with lots of doubts about being committed to church and people again. I just wanted to lead a very quiet life in church…sunday comes and sunday goes…

So my Confirmation is in a sense a personal revival, an evident that God has healed me of my brokeness and my loss of confidence to church life and the people. I once again took up the courage to commit myself to the Confirmation class and now as a member of the Anglican church, and of course Saint Andrew’s Cathedral. Praise be to the Lord!
When I stood before the Archbishop, and most importantly God Almighty, I was fearful and trembling. I was fearful because if ever my heart is untrue towards this commitment, will the Lord ever do to me as He did to Ananias and Sapphira, when they lied to the Holy Spirit in Acts Chapter 5? I survived. Like the high priest who entered into the Most Holy Place with trembling and fear to offer to God the sacrifice of the nation, he did not know whether this offering would be accepted. If the Lord accepted the offering, he would walk out of the Most Holy Place rejoicing and pronouncing God’s blessings upon the nation. But if the sacrifice was not accepted, he would be struck dead immediately. That was my fear! I was coming, not before anyone…but God Almighty, the Creator of heavens and earth, who would not fear? Who would not tremble at His feet?
I thank God I survived. I thank God that He accepted the offering of sacrifice. As a matter of fact, I felt like I was placing myself at the altar, offering myself to God in worship and thanksgiving. I really believe it was the grace of God that covered me when I was standing before Him. Psalm 145:8 says that, and I quote, "The Lord is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love." Also in Isaiah 30:18, and I quote, "The Lord longs to be gracious to you."
Lastly, I want to thank my family members, though they are not believers yet, they supported me in my commitment to the Lord and witnessed a public declaration of my Christian faith. I also want to thank all my friends who came…I can’t thank you guys enough for your support and love…Pastor Watchman and his family, Bro. Kwee Chye and Sister Fan, Juliet and family and Caroline, who is truly a friend indeed…..of course not forgetting Sandy who sent her greetings via sms….thank you!
Let us continue to labour together for the Lord in our common Christian faith…in love and grace…
the gatekeeper08