Cafe Hopper and Poem: Danger…Danger…

There’s danger everywhere!
They are hidden in the home
In your dark closets in your room
You don’t always see them
But they are always looking out for you
They will catch you unawared
And blow your mind off when they hit you

The fear of them lead us to
A constant need for security
Signs put up, to warn and
To keep out.
“Back off, danger ahead”
That’s what they are saying.
You better watch out…
That is what mummy is warning.

Danger seen and unseen
What grip us most
Is things that we seeth not
They corner you to the dark wall
Making your pores
Arrested by frozen cold
In the lonely silent night
You can cry and none heareth

We can run and we can flee
But we can’t hide
Danger comes and danger goes
We lift our chests and brave the storm
“We’ll be stronger” saith the wise.
Often be…our courage take flight
When danger strikes again…
Look straight and say “Hi”

Last day of 2014, poetry written at Starbucks.


Cafe Hopper and Poem: Narrative, 27/12/2014

Lying on my cosy bed
Watching the raindrops
Falling on my window
My mind flashing back
With lots of memories
Some are hauntingly creepy
Some are fond memories
Of love and passion

We remember our memories
Not because we can’t let go
We remember them because
We have the courage to face them
Memories give us a history
A history for us to recollect
A narrative for us to tell
The story to ourselves

The raindrops keep falling
And my mind keeps dripping
The songs keep playing
Telling me stories after another
I don’t have a nice story to tell
But my narrative is nothing less
Of what flesh and blood constitute
Perhaps, you have a story tonight?

Cafe Hopper Review: Vanilla Bakeshop @ Ekkamai Soi 12, Bangkok

This was an arduous walk! I dragged my travel mate along with me early in the morning for breakfast. I have always wanted to visit the Bakeshop but didn’t really figure out its exact location. Eventually I found out that it’s along the same Tanon (main road in Thai) but much further down the road. Yes… Really much much further down the road! I knew that my travel mate was getting a little bit tired but my wanting to look for this cafe was stronger! Eventually we found and I was all so excited to see the signature wall mural that so many have taken photo with…. We quickly settled down with a seat and got my travel mate to take a cool pic of me with the mural on the wall….

The Bakeshop serves mainly western bakery and pastries. They were awesome both in terms of their presentation and taste! We both enjoyed our breakfast there and we’ll certainly it was a good rest after all the walking and searching. Oh yah… I felt a little bad about this so decided to buy him breakfast for that morning! Yup, the Bakeshop can be a little pricy…. So bring a bit more baht to pay for more good stuff!

I will certainly take the long walk again to visit this place… Or perhaps I will take a cab. There is also another cafe just next to it … More of a Japanese style kind! So certainly will be worth the trip cos one trip two cafes Huh!

Yes, and Merry Christmas to all my readers and a blessed New Year!

The Gatekeeper






Cafe Hopper Review: Ink and Lion Cafe @ Ekkamai Soi 2, Bangkok

Wow…it’s been a while since I posted on my blog! Well, was busy with many other stuff and finally squeeze out some time during my recent work trip to Korat and Bangkok! I felt so at home when I was in Thailand and really planning for my next cafe-cation or food stood this coming March. When I told my sister that I am planning to go back to Bangkok again…she was like “huh!” Hahahaha….

Okay, this time round is a cafe with an interesting name, Ink and Lion Cafe! Not too sure why that name but it certain has the feel of Chronicles of Narnia. Perhaps it has to do with the lion, Aslan? Nah, that’s just my wild guesses! I went there with a friend and we wanted to grab a slow breakfast there but unfortunately they don’t really serve breakfast there! I decided to order a piece of coconut cheese cake and my usual latte! I love the coconut cheese cake and I love the size of it even more! It’s probably about 1/3 of the size of a normal slice of cake and thus, it’s really a good mini bite for a morning! The coffee was good and most importantly, the cafe give customer a very cosy and comfy feeling! My friend and I actually sat there for almost the whole morning…he was doing his work and I was just chilling out!

The best part of it is that ye of us… Or perhaps just me had a load of fun role playing and posing emo in the cafe! I simply love my experience here. The cafe is tucked in Ekkamai Soi 2… Not exactly far from the BTS Ekkamai! If you happen to be shopping in Bangkok…go visit Ink and Lion and it’s certainly a good place to just rest your legs before heading for more shopping spree!

The Gatekeeper