Cafe Hopper Review: Mr Jones’ Orphanage@Bangkok, Thailand

Honestly, I really love this unique cafe in Bangkok. I was so full of curiosity when I first heard of it….how an orphanage got linked with cafe? I just cannot conceptualised the whole thing. I was asking around for the cafe and finally located it at Siam Center in Pathumwan. There is another one in another location…but didn’t have time to explore further. This one that I visted is newly opened and honestly the whole decor is very unique. There is alot of wooden toys all around and other kinds of toys ranging from teddy bears to plastic soldiers figurines. I call this the happiest orphanage in the world. There is not a single trace of detachment when you are in the cafe. However, the outlet in Siam Center is rather narrow, so I guess space is probably the only bad side of it.

I ordered a chocolare banana cake and my usual latte. The chocolate banana cake is so pleasing to the taste buds. I never really like the combination but trust me, this one is really good. The sponge-ness of the cake is so perfect and the ratio between the chocolate and the banana flavour is just nice. I felt a little like a spoiled orphan indeed. While enjoying the cake and latte, you can play around with the toys on the table and take nice pictures of the food and coffee.

This cafe is one that I really think has a very strong personality of its own and the personality is very strong. It is distinctive by its own and certainly fit into my critirias of a good cafe that provides a memorable cafe experience for cafe hoppers like myself.

I wanted so much to visit the cafe again but schedule was really tight. I would want to go there again the next time I am in Bangkok.

the gatekeeper