Cafe Hopper Review: Mamanda@Kandahar Street

When I saw Mamanda, I was attracted by the old Malay style building. Being an anthropology major, I was obviously very interested in the building and its history. It was an old Tamenggong house. A Tamenggong is a minister to the sultan. The Istana or the sultan’s resident is located just besides Mamanda. It is now the Malay Heritage Centre. Mamanda is really an interesting find. From the outside, the cafe looks very posh and pretty resort style. My first impression is that it is an expensive, fine dining cafe. I decided to give it a skip.

The second day when I was around the area again, I decided that I must make a trip to this place. I entered the place, feeling a bit scare…and I even asked the Bandahara if they serve lunch in this place. I was so glad that his reply was yes. The gentleman brought to the dining area and guess what, the whole place look like a dining area for royalties. My friend and I felt so pampered by the while overall ambience. I simply love the fact that this place has a rich cultural and historical significance.

The food at Mamanda is not only rich in culture but also in taste and fragrance. The sauce is so rich and the rice is so perfectly done. During my first visit I ordered their set lunch and trust me, it’s so wholesome and complete. My second visit I took their buffet spread and its really worth it. But they don’t always have buffet spread. Service in Mamanda is superb! The staff are friendly and warmth. They will constantly check on the customers to see if they need any assistance. It is constant but yet not annoying like in some restaurant. Hospitality in this historical Tamenggong is their priority and I am sure they will not compromise with that.

Do come and experience the rich Malay culture through their rich and wholesome cuisine. This is one place that is worth the money!

The gatekeeper