Thank You

Thank You For Giving To The Lord! 
I want to take my blog to thank people who have given to the Lord.
This song is for you and to the glory of God!
I would like to thank the late Reverend Gerald Khoo.
He was my Pastor in Yishun Christian Church, Anglican.
He is the first pastor that talked to me about mission and has inspired
me by his own example.
I want to thank everyone in the former Yishun Cell at Aunty Magareth’s place.
Everyone of them there has influenced me in one way or another.
I want to thank Pastor Leng for being very patient with me.
She is always available for me to listen to my ideas and learning journey.
Thank her for all these years of mentoring and watching the bunch of us
growing up and maturing.
I want to thank Brother Ricky and Christopher Chong for giving me an opportunity to serve the Lord
as a worship leader. Thank you for guiding me and imparting me with the skills
to serve the Lord.
I want to thank Pastor Watchman for mentoring me all these years.
Thank you for those moments that we prayed together and cried together.
Thank you for taking time to catch up with me.
I want to thank Bro Hong Leong for being very persistent
in his coffee appointment. I really appreciate that and thank you for always
making me feel very at home whenever I visit CP.
Last but not least, all my friends who have travelled with me through my growing up:
Sandy, Aaron, Caroline, Juliet, Loga, Melvin, Yibin, Timothy and many more….
Thank you!

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