Think about His love…

Think about His Love…
Think about His goodness…
That morning when I was walking to school, I suddenly realised myself singing this old song that we used to sing very often in church. God knows since when we have stopped singing it! Then I was pondering over the fact that the Church today doesn’t talk about the Love of God as much as we used to. We seem to have forgotten that God’s love is at the core of Christianity. The Holy Bible tells us that it was because God loved us…that He sent His Son, our Lord Jesus Christ to die for us on the Cross. It was God’s love for us that motivated Him to sent His beloved Son to the world. It was the same love that drove the disciples of the New Testaments to preach the gospel…to preach it to the point of death. Peter was so convinced of the Love of Jesus that he asked to be crucified upside down when sentenced to death. James was put to death by the sword  by Herod Agrippa I for his faith in Jesus. Saint John was the only apostle that died a natural death. But he was so convicted by the Love of his Master that he was given such grace to receive a special revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ recorded for us in the Book of Revelation. Saint Andrew died for the Love of Christ on an X-shaped cross. Saint Philip was also crucified. Bartholomew was flayed alive in Armenia. Saint Thomas was killed by a speak for the Love of God. James, son of Alphaeus, was arrested by the Jews and thrown off the Temple and then beaten to death by a club. There were many more who died for their faith and conviction that Christ’s love is greater than anything else in the world. Physical death means little to them…these people had died to themselves and stripped of all worldly desires and their only goal in life is to please the Father in Heaven…to glorify God and to enjoy His will and purpose.

Now I am not saying that all must die for Jesus. We should be thankful that we do not have to do that as yet. But it is important to know that these martyrs were driven by one important and powerful force from heaven…a force that they couldn’t resist…a force so great that pushed them to do the impossible…that force is the Love of God. For that love they were willing do go all out to preach the gospel. They were willing to do anything to extent the love.
What about us? Are we still convinced that God is love…and His love is eternal and unchanging. Are we still convinced that the love of God is so great…greater than anything that we can imagine? Do we believe that we need the Love of God in our lives? Many today are living their lives and they no longer see the need to believe in God and His love. Some even doubt the very existence of such love. Love has become something that temporal and perhaps not so important anymore. In fact, it is something that people want to talk about. To talk about love…seems weak…seems unrealistic. Strong people don’t talk about love…they talk about plans…projects…economics…globalisation…engineering…politics…statistic…and etc.
But God’s love is greater than anything that you can imagine…sometimes I don’t understand how God can like that…I don’t understand how He could die for sinners and paid the ransom for their redemption. What’s in His mind to do such a thing? He didn’t have to do it…but He did it anyway. Sometimes I don’t even know how to love Him back. But I am convinced that God’s love is real and it is eternal and unchanging.
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