I will run…

It’s been a very hectic week for everybody. Running from lessons to lessons….one conversation with colleagues to another….one meeting to another…and one set of marking to another set of marking….finally the work week comes to an end and praise the Lord we all survived. Gosh! The very fact that we are still standing is a miracle itself. The week started with about 11 teachers on MC and ended with many planning to have MC the following week. Many times, that’s how teachers survive in the system. So I am always grateful to my Lord that I survived each week by His grace and mercy.
At times, especially during the mid week, it is really difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In fact, it always seems like leading to another darker tunnel ahead. You walk, and you walk….you try to feel something along the way, but there’s always this sense of uncertainty and fear as we try to feel our way out of the dungeon. The more we move on, the more uncertain we become. This is how I feel throughout the week. I really couldn’t see my weekends and for a moment I tot the next day after Friday is a Monday…another working week. Of course, I am sure that not everyone in this profession feel that way I am feeling but I am sure there are people who feel the same as me. How can I not thank the Lord Jesus Christ for seeing me through.
Finally, when Friday comes, I can smell and even see my weekends approaching…and my spirit is lifted up. I can finally see that light at the end of the dungeon and I quickly run towards it. I can finally see….and I can breathe at last. I suddenly I feel like I have seen the Mercy Seat on the Ark of the Covenant….running towards it. As a matter of fact, I thank God that I can have this confidence, according to His grace, to approach His throne of mercy. It’s there I can be myself…it’s there that I can truly have the strength to stand up again. It’s there that I can sing and dance before Him…rejoicing in His goodness and the beauty of His holiness. I ask God for a song in my heart….I want Him to put a song in my heart…that I can sing in the night…the deepest night of my journey. I want to sing a song of gratefulness for His salvation and love….I want to sing a song of repentance from my unbelief and lack of faith…I want to sing a song of forgiveness from my wrongdoings…I want to sing a song of hope to the hopeless…a song of peace to the troubled…a song of strength for the weak…and a song of faithfulness, proclaiming His everlasting love for us! Put a song in my heart, Lord! I want to sing till the world knows….I want to sing till they join me in my singing!
the gatekeeper07

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