Coins for Jesus

Coins for Jesus…

My niece woke up on Sunday morning and it seemed that she had a good night sleep. She greeted me with her usual sunshine smile and hugged me with that usual warmth and love. I always thank God for her cause she always remind me of the love of God towards me. I don’t know why but each time I watch her, I feel as though God is telling me that His love is plenty. Thank you, Lord Jesus for your great love.
I was trying to read my Bible. Then my niece came to me with $2.20. She said she wants to give this money to Jesus and she asked me how she can do that. My heart melted. I was touched by her question. I told her you can bring this to church next week and give to Jesus. I also told her that Jesus will be very happy to receive this $2.20 from her. She asked me is it enough for him? I told her it is not that amount that matters.
She looked at the $2.20 and she asked further. This time she asked me what will Jesus do with her money? I told her that Jesus will use the money to buy present for the poor children in the world. The last question she asked was "Is Jesus poor too?" That’s a profound question! To her I replied and said He is not…but as a matter of fact, the Bible tells us that he knows what it is to be poor and what it is to be rich. He knows what it is to have and not to have. He knows what it is to have the whole universe in his hand, and yet he knows what it is to have nothing at all. That is Jesus! That is my Jesus!
May we wake up everyday and experience God in a brand new way! I am learning about God through the eyes of niece.
the gatekeeper07

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