Sukhumvit Soi 38 – 回忆生活

Memories of Bangkok. 回忆曼谷!Oh, I have tonnes of memories with this city! Sukhumvit Soi 38 is certainly one of them! 哇,我有好多回忆在曼谷哦!Sukhumvit 38 小巷是其中之一!Here you can find a congregation of street food of Bangkok in one small road! And today is the last day of operation for this place! After today, the stalls will move to their various locations and give room to condo development! 小小的一条小巷,它聚齐了曼谷的街头小吃. 今天是这条小巷的最后一天的营业!过了今天,小巷就要让位给私人公寓发展商!可惜啊!


2 thoughts on “Sukhumvit Soi 38 – 回忆生活

  1. I can’t imagine WHY they need to clear out BOTH sides of that block. WHERE is this condo’s footprint? Have they bought out that 3 floor mansion with full columns in front? I can see the dentist going, and that side, the soup lady, nothing much going on in that part of Suk. Apparently it’s not going to bother Sutti apartments or the few vendors in that small alley off 38 that runs into Sutti. I know Siri was offering my Thai friend a lot for a strip from it to Soi 38 that his family owns. Last we talked he said no way. So I can only think it’s on the East side of 38. I”m P***ed. I eat there every day when I’m in Bangkok, almost every winter. Developer=cancer to me 😛

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