Last day of school vacation

"In the begining…" Genesis 1:1
Very sad! It’s the last day of school holiday. Honestly, I don’t look forward to the new school term. I am sure I am not the only one that feels this way. Whatever it is, I still hope that the new school term will be positive and I certainly hope to see better development in school and from the students.
The break, no doubt has been a good one. I enjoyed my trip to Vietnam and the Christmas dinner I had with my family. We had turkey for three consecutive days. Not that we like it so much but just to clear them off the fridge. Thanks to my brilliant mum who was able to make it in different forms and tastes for us over the three days. She is still in the hospital and I really pray that she can be discharge soon. The doctor still needs to do a couple of tests on her. She must be feeling very bored and lonely in the isolation room.
Well, like I have mentioned, if you ask me if I am ready to go back to school, I am really not. But of course I still have to face the fact that tomorrow is the first day of school. I feel like I am booking in into camp. I will be a long ten weeks before the next school vacation.
May the Lord continue to guide my ways in school. May the Lord bless my coming in and out. May the Lord bless the students that I will be teaching and empower them to excel academically. May He empower me to be an effective and diligent teacher. God, you really have to hold my hands through this.
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