Sugar Alot Alot

Wow….my glucose level this morning is very high. 17.3. Pop in the medicine that I have and hopefully by afternoon the glucose level will go down. Perhaps I should really go and see the doctor some day. This is what I will do:
  • I will cut down on rice in-take.
  • I will cut down my sugar in-take. (this is definitely)
  • I must find time to continue my running regime. This year I haven’t done a single run yet. Gross right!

I think it is because of the green tea freeze I took at Starbuck yesterday. Guess today I have to check my glucose level before every meal that I take. Better check man

Guess that’s all for this morning. Wishing all a nice and pleasant day! Remember "This is the day that the Lord hath made, we will rejoice, be crazy about it and be glad in it….ha ha hah

Remember: God made the day for YOU!

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