TNF 100 (2012) v 1.2

Had my second trail training today at Macritchie again. I am more familiar with the route after the first trail training and able to know where to watch out for. However, so far I have been running in the day, thus will need to try running in the night once I have the head lights. I was running a little in the drizzles and it was great getting wet by the rain. The rain stopped pretty shortly. I felt more comfortable running the trail today. The more I ran on the more I felt that the run was comfortable and I enjoyed every bit of the run. I knew that I wasn’t running alone. I knew that God was with me when I ran through the greens.

I came to a stop after a long run. I stopped by the reservoir and I suddenly felt so peaceful watching the still water. I was reminded of Psalm 23 when the psalmist said the Shepherd leads us besides the quiet water and restores our souls. I felt exactly that. I felt that I was led to the quiet water and for the first time after two months or so, I felt that my mind was resting. My mind was at rest and I knew that God was in the stillness. I closed my eyes and spent a moment of silence and solitude. Thought it was a short moment but it was very refreshing. I thank God for that moment of peace and solitude. I needed that.

I am getting more and more excited about my running. It is not just a run. It is also a spiritual journey for me. I love the walk back to my starting point after a few rounds of run. I put on my earpiece and completely just me and God and the greens….woohoo that was really good! I felt as if I was walking in the woods with the Lord. I believe that He was there with me.

The gatekeeper


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