Note to PLC

Dear PLC,

Once again I am out… out for good I guess. This no pay leave is a 3 weeks long discussion I had with the school leaders and some of the KPs. It started with my Korat PDL thingy, then it evolved into TWA and later now, before going for the Korat thingy I am taking 2.5 mths of no pay leave. A colleague told me that this is a very brave move to make. I don’t know if it is brave but I believe that it is necessary. 10 years in education is not very long but it is also enough for an officer to go for a short break before coming back to map out what he or she would like to do for the next 5 to 10 years ahead. This is exactly what I am trying to do with my 2.5 months of no pay leave. In order to do this, it is necessary for me to get myself out of the present and so that I can have a clearer picture of what’s ahead. That’s why I say this is necessary. I need time to journey with God and to ask Him to show me the way ahead. This may sound strange to some of you but I must say that God is a reality in my life. So for the next 2.5 months I will spend a lot of time reading God’s word, the Bible, and praying and seeking Him. I think this is important and essential.

I will also be traveling as much as my financial capacity allow me to do so. As some of you know, I may make a trip to Bhutan in a couple of weeks time. I know that it is an expensive place but I guess might as well take this opportunity to go somewhere different. Will keep you guys updated about when I will fly over to Bhutan. I am quite looking forward to this trip. Other things I will do will be participating in the runs I have signed up with Didi…. And the other things that I have committed like Teachers’ Day lunch and other staycations. I have got all these things planned out….guess I have pretty much to do during these two months or so.

Let me round up today entry with a note for some of you.

To Didi, do take care of yourself in school and out of school. Don’t tired yourself too much although I know that you are still young. We will keep to the plans and the COE of the things planned. Any issue at work don’t hesitate to let me know… Kor will help as much as I can. Be very careful of the things you do in school… Don’t allow others to have an opportunity to say anything negative about you. Stay happy always and stay positive all the time. Don’t lose that! Thanks for supporting me in many ways as well. You may not know it but you have been.

To JH, stay cool in your present job. I think you are settling down quite well. Yes, I will have time to have brunch with you soon. I really think you have a very good working or teaching environment. Make good use of it. I guess things in SMaths are less complicated in Chr… So that is another good thing you can brag about your current job.

To Ms E, thanks for everything. I know you are also going through tough time as well but I guess in times like this we can cling in to faith. I can see that after your decision to APEX you seems to have lighten quite a fair bit. Keep up the spirit… Especially for your next posting.

To Librarian, I know your contract ending soon and you will need to seriously think whether this is the place to stay. Only you will know best. So my advise to you is seek your own self with regard to this. I guess this will be the major decision that you have to make the next couple of months. So take time to think through and do talk to people about it.

To Shu Shu, thanks for the time we spent together sharing. It has been a wonderful experience walking and sharing with you all these months. I think we have all said enough and I shan’t say too much here as well.

Finally, I find it so amusing… I wrote like as though I won’t be back…. And won’t be around…. I am just a wattsapp or SMS away. Unless I am traveling if not I will still be around. I have many things that I have committed to do here in Singapore so must do!

The gatekeeper

One thought on “Note to PLC

  1. Haha! To brag about… Bhutan send postcards back please. I also curious about what’s behind their walls.. (and liang chao wei’s house)

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