Cafe Hopper Review: The Little Hut House of Waffles@Sukhumvit 23, Bangkok

I arrived at Asoke Station and was moving around to try to locate my apartment. Thank God for GPS and I had some idea of the area. Asoke has been one of my favorite spot in Bangkok because of Terminal 21. I love the stuff in Terminal 21. If you have never been to Bangkok for shopping spree, this is one place that you must visit when you are here. I finally found Sukhumvit Soi 23 but I saw no sight of Citadines 23 apartment. Based on my previous experience with Citadines, they are always located in prominent places and it should not take me too long to find them. As I walked further into the street, there I found Citadines. I am so proud of this Singapore brand name that can be found all over the world. Just when I was about to approach my home for the next few days, I bummed into this little hut that is just across Citadines. It really looks very cool…like this houses in cartoon. I told myself I must visit this little hut.

I checked into the apartment and rested for a little while, waiting for technology to be all charged up…well, I mean all the mobile phones and other gadgets that God knows since when we can’t do without them. I was all so excited to enjoy some quiet moment with myself and to do a little shopping before I retreat to Latkrabang to runaway from the new year crowd. Guess where was my first stop…bingo…Terminal 21. I just love this shopping mall. Again, I went from Terminal 21…to MBK then to Siam Paragon and back to Terminal 21 again.

I decided to pay the little hut a visit on my way back to the apartment. I dropped by and I must say that the exterior decor of the place is really attractive and it does allure you to come in. However, the interior of the cafe is not as fantastic as the exterior. I was expecting it to be a little more woody and probably with a fireplace some where to add to the cosiness. However, within the interior is another little bakery. I didn’t’ get to try to bakery…I guess most of the things were almost gone. I ordered my usual latte and I must say that the latte does have some standard there. I know I cannot expect too much on coffee in Thailand but this one is drinkable. I love the foam on the latte…its so wholesome. I was rather full so I didn’t order any food initially. But I thought it will be difficult to write about this cafe when it acclaims to be the house of waffles and I didn’t eat anything at all here. I decided to order a plain waffles. Its hard to be a cafe critics I guess….you somehow have to eat.

The waffle looks pretty good and its more towards the soft type of waffle. The waffle tastes pretty good just with a little bit of honey on it. I must say that if you are a dessert lover, this should quite a pretty nice place to have waffle. After my food, I decided to go back to my apartment to send out some updates to the bosses. Then I remembered that there was late night shopping in Terminal 21. Hey Hey….I went out again for my shopping venture and it was cool! I love the experience. When I was on my way back, I observed that the little hut did have quite a considerable crowd. I suppose many of them could be attracted by the exterior decor. Honestly, its a not bad place to go to…a little resting place in the buzzing Asok area.

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