Cafe Hopper Review @ Brawn & Brain Cafe

This cafe is a real surprise find for me and for my colleagues. We’re hanging around Guillemard Road due to work and in our boredom we decided to explore the area and to our pleasant surprise, we found this little cafe tuck in a corner of an old sports complex. The sitting capacity is about less than 20, but it is certainly a very cosy corner in the vicinity. The cafe has a modern style decor with a little mix of European. The cafe serves two major types of coffee beans, namely, Sumatra Linlong and Brazilian Cocoa Tone. The Sumatra Linlong provides satisfaction to those who want a stronger and deeper taste of the cuppa. Brazilian Cocoa Tone is for the light-hearted. The staff is friendly and certainly know what brewing a cuppa of coffee is all about. I have tasted the food yet as Old Airport Road is nearby and thus nothing beats having a meal over there. But I will certainly find a chance to try their food.

Although not so accessible by public transport but this is certainly a one place that you may wish to drop by and have a cuppa. It’s pretty relaxing and cool here. They also bake their own cakes. A lot of personality points for the cafe.

The Gatekeeper





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